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Best wedding venues in and around Luxembourg

You are planning your wedding but don't really have an idea where exactly? And anyway, how can you even get a picture if you don't even know the options you have available?

That's why I share with you the places I found beautiful and also approximately how big it is and how many guests it is suitable for in my opinion.

1. So let's start with the "Château de Bourglinster":

Amidst the Luxembourg countryside you can fulfil your dream wedding in one of their historic salons and their castle courtyard! You and your guests will celebrate at one of the region’s most elegant and traditional surroundings while benefitting from a combination of organizational expertise, culinary skills and exceptional service.

-> No sleeping facilities

-> inhouse caterer/restaurant

-> big enough for up to 100-150 guests, big dancefloor

2. Le'ts go on with another castle, "Château de Bourscheid":

Another historic castle surrounded by woods in Oesling, Luxembourg. This castle is a bit older, the beginning of its construction dates back to the year 1000 and is based on even older buildings.

You will have the possibility of different rooms for celebrations, as well as outside if the weather plays along.

-> No sleeping facilities.

-> external caterer

-> big enough for up to 100 guests, dancefloor is on another floor

3. This time not a castle but a hotel: "Hôtel Leweck"

At the Leweck Resort in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, you can expect a variety of spaces to suit your needs. You have the choice of two chalets, depending your needs.

The Oesling landscape is characterized by rolling hills with meadows and forests. Our Leweck Resort is nestled in between.

-> sleeping facilities

-> inhouse caterer/restaurant

-> big enough for up to 250 guests, big dancefloor

4. Another beautiful hotel in the East of Luxembourg: "Domaine de la Gaichel"

Domaine de la Gaichel is an ideal venue weddings.

The unique setting, just 25kms from Luxembourg city center and 4kms from Arlon, enables them to organize evenings for 15 to 80 people (or more if you rent a tent).

Their team is dedicated to making sure you have an unforgettable evening of gastronomy, conviviality and luxury.

For added convenience, their two hotels can accommodate your guests so they don't have to hit the road again at the end of the evening.

-> sleeping facilities

-> inhouse caterer/restaurant

-> big enough for 100-150 guests, dancefloor is limited

5. Going back to the North of Luxembourg: "Château d'Urspelt"

Completely restored with passion and respect for the historical heritage, this castle offers you charm and elegance. Located in the heart of the "Naturpark Our", it combines hospitality and comfort. It is situated in the middle of a small village.

-> sleeping facilities

-> inhouse or external caterer

-> big enough for up to 200 guests, big dancefloor

6. Heading over to Belgium: "Le Val du Scherbach"

Nestled in the SCHERBACH valley, away from the hustle, you'll find the answer to all your festive organization needs.

A 12-hectare estate, a former mill, in the midst of a bucolic landscape where lush greenery, springs and ponds give the privileged visitor an immediate sensation of well-being and serenity.

An exceptional property, offering countless possibilities, put at the service of your organizations thanks to quality infrastructures and a team of professionals attentive to customers, equipped reception room and all the appropriate stewardship.

-> sleeping facilities

-> inhouse caterer/restaurant

-> big enough for up to 100 guests, big dancefloor

7. We stay in Belgium: "Château du Bois"

To celebrate the most prestigious of weddings, the Château du Bois d'Arlon is the ideal venue. Our halls can accommodate up to 150 seated guests, allowing you to enjoy an enchanted interlude for a day or a weekend.

A prestigious location in the heart of a verdant estate. The Château du Bois d'Arlon sits proudly at the heart of this prestigious estate. A number of elegant, cosy lounges await you. Its wide veranda and terrace, which can accommodate over 180 guests, offer a breathtaking view of the impressive estate.

-> sleeping facilities

-> external caterer

-> big enough for 100-150 guests, big dancefloor

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