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I`m Anne, a professional wedding photographer based in Luxembourg. I was born and raised in Luxembourg, lived abroad for a few years, and came back to open my own business and follow my passion: Photography. I like to capture smiles and hugs and natural moments full of fun and emotions.


In the fast-paced world we live in, where moments quickly become memories, photographs serve as a time capsule. For those who revel in documenting weddings and families, the joy lies in being the steward of these timeless memories. The camera becomes a tool to freeze moments of love, connection, and happiness – moments that might otherwise fade away.

Whether it's the delicate exchange of vows, the joyous laughter of a family picnic, or the quiet moments that speak volumes, the love for capturing these precious instances is a celebration of life itself. The photographer becomes a silent participant in the stories of those they photograph, leaving an indelible mark on the visual history of love and family.

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